Student Roster App

Company Scheduling System

Scheduling system desktop application that provides ability to add customers and appointments into an existing database. This application implements error control that prevents users from scheduling conflicting appointments as well as inappropriate data in specific text fields.

Filters exist on the main menu page that filter appointments based on week, month, and all appointments. Additional filters exist on the add customer forms combo boxes (when selecting a country, their appropriate states or provinces are filtered in the box below.)

Login information is tracked and stored in a separate text file for administrator use.

Student roster script that shows basic information on student data. Application validates student emails and performs simple delete and error control functionality.

Routing System App

A Delivery System application that simulates a package delivery. The application allows packages to be delivered following specific package instructions. The delivery route is created using the nearest neighbor algorithm which creates an efficient delivery path. After delivery is complete, a summary of each truck's mileage and total delivery time is displayed.

A user has the option to look-up any given package by ID number and time. The user can also choose to look-up one package or choose to search all packages. After a time is specified, the program will display one or all packages at the given time and show whether that package has been delivered or not.